Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016

Dah masuk 2016. 

2015 yang baru saja berlalu was eventful. I owe myself a blogpost on 2015 wrap up. Tapi entahlah bila akan siap. Selagi tak ada mood yang betul untuk menulis takkan jadi punya. Haha.

Aku tak nak letak apa-apa azam spesifik untuk 2016. I just wanna go through this year with courage and good spirit. I also hope that I can change for better. 

First quarter of 2016 will be me completing the second part of the internship; the internship project. I hope that I can gather all the strength and knowledge I need to complete the project successfully. I wanna score more than 3.50 GPA for this one. I NEED TO!!! 

After the internship, ehemmmm... I am planning for holiday. Huhuhu. Itinerary planning  is such a pain in the ass btw. I am really excited for this one for sure. But sometime, I hesitated. Why? I feel like bringing my family for holiday in Malaysia instead. After some contemplating, I promise myself that once I am working real work I mean, not internship I will bring my family for holiday. 

This year should be the last year of me being a student (mungkin sampai awal 2017 kot) but the point is, I'm going to be a final year student after I finish my internship. Besides graduating successfully and happily, I hope to spend quality time with my friends during the final year in UTP because after that, memang semua akan bersepah-sepah and it will become hard to spend time together.

Most importantly, I wanna spend more time with my family. Since I entered boarding school from Form 1, I always feel somehow disconnected from my family. I prefer spending time with friends and share stories with them. That, continues after I enter UTP. However, I am very thankful that during the first half of my internship, for some reason, I feel close to them. 

There's a lot of thing that I anticipate in 2016. 

Hope that this year will be great. 

Bismillah. 2016. Let's get started.

The cover page of my yet-to-be-printed planner. You can even see the guide there. HAHAHA.

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