Saturday, November 20, 2010

looking forward for spm next yr

wargh!!!start to feel the heat right now.feels like i don't want to take spm,but then how can i further studies and achieve my dream rite?

to-do-list for this hldy to improve my study lil bit here n there
1)homeworks(given by the teachers)
2)add math~lots of exercise~
3)physics...have 2 revise all the things n understand all the concept that i didn't undrstand b4
4)arabic...this hldy will be used to revise qawaid 
5)biology....need to do alot of reading n understanding all the fact
6)chemistry...chapter 1-3...bcoz there're lot of formula...very sui la
7)sej....want to memorise all the facts...~.tired of facing it dy~
8)qs...have to memorise surah sajadah n surah yaasin
9)psi....want to revise the hukum2
10)maths the exercise

seem that i have a lot to do...hope that can do all for bm n bi....i donno what to write but do have work to complete...for bi...essay n for bm...the folio

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