Tuesday, November 16, 2010

too sweet to be forgotten


my best friend forever....
i luv u so much
i'll never forget you no matter what...
u always be patient to wake me up from sleep...
i know that i'm not a good friend for you
that's why i don't mind u being close to nazer bcoz she's a perfect friend for you

i don't know why...
but even how 'gila-gila' u are
i still luv u fren.....
u have many things that is same wit me...
the way u think...
the way u feel...
the way u settling ur problem...

u r the one that can handle all my lecture...
u r a very good leader...
n i know that u can carry all the responbility that comes with the post
u r the very sensitive n girly one...
tipical girl attitude

u r the very shy one
quite quiet
i don't have the oppurtunity to know u more b4
but this year i feel more comfortable with u....

a tipical girl
very soft one
has mommy quality...haha...
but u r very cool....

1 more tipical girl in the class
very2 oft
but sometimes u can be very strict too
usual attitude for an 'along'

MO in the ouze...
i found that sometimes i feel uncomfortable with u
however u r very cute
u have the talent in art
n i hope u can be a good PKU 2 too.

the most suitable word that can give clear picture bout u is
very MOMMY style
u r very matured
n wat i know most bout u is u like to read
u r very neat
full of spirit when doing something

the korean craze
u r very hardworking one
neat  too
clever girl

very cute
wat a cute voice u have
a sensitive girl
but can be very strict too

eventhough i have just spent a year with u i feel that i'm very comfortable with u

the tough lady
i just like it when u 'sound' the guys bcoz they'll follow it
eventhough u r the most annoying one(only during my period)
i still luv u fren
i luv chatting with u too

u r a good girl
'alim' is the correct word  u babe
but..eventhough u r 'alim'
u know how 2 advice ppl according to their attitude
ur advice is gold fren
u r a good fren...
to me...
n to mbok titi

u r a beautiful girl
but ur slang is really....'pekat'
u r the very hardworking one

i found that it's very fun being fren with u
even i only start being close with u tis yr
i juz luv u
juz the same with my other close frens

u r like my bro
so cute
feel comfortable with u
u really have many things in ur head...

the creative man
sleepy like me
but always call me sleepy
u can be a successful designer dude...
just go for it
sometimes we have to fight for dream
show ur determination 2 ur parents
mybe they'll let u...

as always...
i'll describe u as
true tipical guy
rarely express what u feel...
but i can see it from ur face...
bcoz it is damn clear...
especially from ur big eyes dude
expressing feeling is not a crime...

the one who already change much
from a very quite n stern one
u have become more humour
u shine my day with ur funny attitude

the responsible monitor
eventhough at first u are quite a 'sengal' monitor
time change u
u is very....thrifthy
but the most important thing
ur face is like the officer at the library...

spoiled boy...
but u never admit it...
i know that u r a lonely one
bcoz u r the only child in family
u r natural
no hipocrit in ur dictionary

sorry bcoz i raised my voice at u
i didn't mean it k...
as a fren...
i think...
u're great

joyce jambu
at first i hate u bro
but time passed n u've changed
you've become a good fren
at the same time
u oso can give advice
sometimes i feel guilty...
i hate u before.....

really like to talk bad
but u r a funny man dude
really a shy man
quiet one too
that's why i can't describe u much...
bcoz i don't really know u eventhough i have spent 4 yrs in the same class with u

'utara' man sejati
ur slang is cannot be changed
but that make u so funny dude
u r a good man
n u have something special in u

i'll even laugh when i see ur face
u don't have to make joke to make ppl laugh
u r really good in islamic knowledge
but u juz don't show it so much
n most important
u r a special one in the 4 KINDIGADEN

u r really funny dude
ur joke is silly
but yet
it is so entertaining
i'll remember ur silly joke
i don't know how dull will it be without u in the class next yr

4KINDIGADEN has a special place in my heart.And i'll keep this in my heart forever.Never ever forget it.All the memories is too sweet to be forgotten.I don't know how dull my life will be without u all next year.Swear...this is true from my heart....Thank you to you all 4 being a great friend to me eventhough i know that i'm not a good friend to you all.I'll remember the History quiz fine which have be a very fun time to me eventhough it is the fines.All the fines has bring us together.Closer as friends...I'll also remember having Chemistry class at the Dataran Ilmu with Teacher Anisah.It is freaking hot but fun....with all jokes that we have...seriously...it is fun.We are the only class that not fight bcoz of sitting site graph in class.I'll also remember the time when the girls do 'mogok' after the batch meeting...but it didn't come true bcoz the boys r too sweet to be refused.If I write all the things that happen....I think the scroll on the com will not be enough....so better i stop here before the tears rolls down from my cheek

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