Monday, November 29, 2010

i hate the perseption that girl must be very polite n soft....~bluekk~

well...i'm not a soft n polite one.just a very natural,easygoing one...i don't even know what the word hypocrit mean when it come to attitude.y is all ppl say that a girl must be soft.typical n consevative for me,girls must be strong,not easily defeated by the guys.
                       I HATE GUYS THAT BULLY GIRLS

so to avoid being cheated by the guys,girls must be strong n smart...don't be easily cheated by the quite eyes bcoz they are pools of lies...~edited from bibsy soenharjo poem,he had such quiet eyes~...nowadays,the world are challenging.the guys are no longer like before who's born to protect.but now,guys are not like girls...BE STRONG AND SMART

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