Thursday, November 18, 2010

time fo my beloved FAMILY

if before this,most of my post is about 4 KINDIGADEN,i think it's the time to talk about my family now.

this is my family member:

AR ALHAN B ABUDIN my beloved as a security guard at ringlet,cameron highland.44-yrs-old-the first child from sum of 2 only child of my father is really an understanding one...i really like to share with him because he didn't talk much but listen.if he think there's point to advice,then he'll voice it father is really a strict one.he'll scold us if we do something wrong repeatedly.but for the firat time mistake he'll just advice.what an outstanding dad he is,rite????n 143 i love

USMALELA BT mom is as beautiful n unique as her name.she always nag,but i know it's for our own mom is really a good cook n good in doing everything related to mom sew curtain n she's really good in mom is now

this is one of my mother work

ASYRAFUL big bro.17-yrs-old.currently studying at smt taiping.not really close to him.he's relly fond to silat n history.

NURZATIL AQMAR...lil sis of mine.14-yrs-old.rebellious one.taller than me.she's beautiful...can't deny it...

MUHAMMAD MURSYID...lil bro...12-yrs-old.a not very handsome but sweet playboy.even at this age, he has shown great playboy quality in to play around in everything...never serious...

MUHAMMAD MUSYRIF...he has the look that tell you..."I DON'T CARE".he's very natural but a lil bit hot tempered just like my family he's the cutest boy.10-yrs-old cute boy.he's white.a lil bit chinese look.he is a good friend of mine n also a superb bro of mine....luv him...

NUR HUSNINA...the last child in our family(hopefully bcoz my mom and dad seem like wanting a new one...haha).7-yrs-old aldy but acting like a 5-yrs old girl.a spoiled to make up n buy girly things.nyway she's cute.n clever.almost 4get bout that.

we may fight most of the time...but that make us closer.silly rite???but that's the truth.

gallery time

at boh tea plantation

my lil sis..zatil n nina

my mom n dad

my bro with his bro is the one with brown sweater

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