Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess What?

Alhamdulillah! I managed to sleep train myself last weekend haha. Now bio-clock is doing fine. So the next task for me is to keep this momentum up. Don't want to undergo more sleep training after this, no? Haha. My body and skin are perfectly happy too, I can feel that! *wink*

Harapnya dapatlah kekal mendisiplinkan diri sendiri. Amin!

Oh btw, I google-ed on how to have a productive weekend also. You know, I also want to improve my productivity. Yelah, along with normal bio-clock, come 12 hours long daytime that you can manfaatkan. Apatah lagi weekend. Kalau jadi burung hantu, actually tak banyak benda pun boleh buat plus memudaratkan kesihatan la lagi satu kan. So here is what I found:

Yang paling pada aku kat sini is planning. And boleh je nak amik few of the point to make our weekdays count too. Pandai-pandai le memikio macam mana ye.

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