Monday, September 22, 2014

Cheer Up, Josiah!

Post by Josiah Ng.

I've been a fan of sports since forever (ehemm watching yes, playing sports no) and I've been a fan of Josiah since Doha 2006. Sue me but boy.. was he handsome? He was the flag bearer for Malaysia that time. Sigh, I was so gedik back then. Baru Darjah 6 kot time tu. Bhahaha. But to my defense, man, athletes are sooo attractive. I even have a scrap book of athletes that I loveeee back then. Dah hilang dah pun buku tu.

So when I read this post on his Facebook, I was actually feeling quite angry. But seriously, even though I've had stop doing sports ever since high school, yang mana hanya sampai peringkat daerah je pun tu, I know, coach do have their anak emas. So normal. But then, it still hurt la jugak kan? Take it like this, your parents always side their manja son/daughter and you don't feel really good about that. Sama la lebih kurang rasa bila kena macam tu aku rasa. Tapi takde hal lah semua tu..

People ask me why minat Josiah instead of Azizul? Bhahaha. Blame my 12-yrs-old self wahaha. No lah, he's a great track cyclist and he has great achievements as a track cyclist. Aku minat jugak Azizul.. Who doesn't weyhhh? He's the pocketrocketman after all. That dude have a big spirit locked in such a small body (compared to other track cyclist). Cumanya aku memang lebih minat Josiah. Maybe sebab aku kenal dia dulu before Azizul, kot.

But then, Josiah Ng, know that out there, there's still people cheering for you! Supporting you no matter what happen! Prove that "Proton" is not that bad. Be motivated always! And now that you have your beautiful wife in Incheon cheering for you, I presume, things will get wayyyy better. *wink*

We'll definitely be cheering for you and Azizul for Men's Keirin! Go go go! We Malaysians sure do hope for the victory in Guangzhou to be defended. Gold and silver medalist again please!!! :D

Do not feel down, prove Mr John Beasley wrong!

Cheers for you and other Malaysia's track cyclist yang still ada event. Heeee.

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