Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beto Kusyairy the Charmer

This post is going to sound/feel/look/be so full of gedikness. So for those who are allergic to gedikness you can always scroll down for post with zero gedikness well at least I think they are.

Beto Kusyairy, he's not that handsome. He's a lil bit cute before my eyes. I don't know about yours. But on top of that, I think he's a charmer. Warned you, gedikness. He has his own way to attract you to keep on watching. But apparently, my mom doesn't agree with me. Mak aku kata dia control macho la siot. Tapi nak buat macam mana, he is macho. Again, gedikness. Sebenarnya, aku suka tengok lakonan dia. Aku start suka lakonan dia dalam Selagi Masih Ada. Lepas tu, dalam Kashaf Imani pulak.

Dia selalu dapat watak yang kenaaaa jeeee dengan dia. Or he is simply berbakat. I think it's the latter one.

And latest, aku suka lakonan dia dalam CEO and P.I. Different characters, different personality, but he nailed both. In CEO, such carefree and kalau bak kata Fazira, setiap kali dia buat muka yang satu tu, he's simply comel. Bhahaha. Gedikness, I told ya already! But really, dia pandai gila bawak character tu boleh tak?

Dalam P.I. yang baru ini, he nailed it again, guys! Come on, siapa tak tengok lagi cerita tu mohon tengok, oke! Seriously best best best!

Tapi yang paling aku suka sebenarnya lakonan Beto dalam Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah. Maafkan tajuk drama yang seperti novel itu tapi cerita dia best oke.

Dalam each drama/filem, dia bawak karakter dengan bagus, pada aku.. and dia tak pernah fail add dia punya own style. Watch lakonan dia dalam drama/filem yang berbeza, you'll get what I mean. Kudos to you, Mr. Beto! And all the best in your future undertakings! Writing like he's reading. Ngeh.

He's married btw, so girls out there, cry now. Bhahaha. Kiddin'. I don't like him to that extend. Aku memang simply suka lakonan dia je. #deadseriousIswear

Note: All pictures/posters are not mine. I google-d, download (explained the bad quality hehe) and post them here. :)


Akma Niza said... [Reply]

sgt2 la minat kt beto... sgt talented... dye cool je kn.. ^^

keron said... [Reply]

@Akma Niza indeed he is! sangat suka style lakonan dia. :)