Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"When I was in school I used to fear my father, heck all my siblings did. But now I have grown into an adult, and my father is what you may categorize as a senior citizen now. After some years living overseas, on the first moment I saw him at the airport I was surprised. This person who I used to fear so much as a kid appeared so small in front of me, it flashed in my mind that he looked fragile and vulnerable. I was taller than him, and it was also the first time I realized that his hair was turning grey. He was also more timid in character than I ever remember. Somehow someway on that moment, it ached inside of me and I felt so bad for thinking badly of my own father. Now I just want him to be happy and to be able to lead this last episode of his life without having to worry too much about his grown-up kids. I never told him that I love him, never had the “right” opportunity to do so, but I pray someday I will have that moment and be courageous enough to say to my father that I love him. Amin."

I read this comment on a YouTube video I watch and it touched me. T_T

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