Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Cabaran 30 Hari] #2 What Am I Doing Now?

Exactly nothing. I'm on my 4-months-break now and so far I've done nothing. If you count watching TV, surfing the internet, sleeping and eating as something I don't know lah pulak kan. So far, the plan to work seems errr quite far from my reach.

And the zine project progress, zero. Haven't start working on that. Reading geology books, belum lagi. Print pun belum, ceyt. Exercise? Dalam mimpi lah. Harom tak. Tengok Incheon Asian Games kemain semangat. Bhahaha. Face it, I'm a lazy bump.

Conclusion: I'm feeling so much like a loser right now, tbh. Let see if the conditions gets better in the remaining 3 and 1/2 month.

I wanna make this cuti a productive and refreshing one and looking at how's thing going right now, I feel like smacking my head on the wall. Waaaaaaa. But I still have time. Yeah, still got plenty of time. Come on, Khairunnisa.. Come on!

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