Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 days more

pmr result will be announce.form 3 student,,,chill ya.may u all get a good result.especially,pmr victims of i-gop.don't stop praying okay.suddenly,i remember my experience last year.seroiusly,when the pmr result was so near,i feel extremely nervous.i even had a dream bout it.i dream that i failed.hua!!!so scared.

on the day,i get up early,not as usual.get ready.but seriously,only physical ready.mentally not!!!but whatever it is,we have to be ready to face any possibilities rite?then,i leave for the school.along the journey,ALONG YA,,,feel like screaming!!!seriously,nervous+scared.

as i arrive there,many of my friends aldy take their result.the first person that i met is dayah,and she get 9As.making me feel more and more nervous.i ignore all that and go to the lobby to get the result.the class teacher are waiting there.after that,i go to my class counter.ustazah faizah make the face like wanna say
"sorry dear, fail"
then she gave me the slip.
YAHOO!!!!.straight As.9As.feel sooooo happyyyyy.n a great relief too you know how nervous i am. before...only Allah know how it feel.

i feel so thankful to Allah.i will not achieve it if He didn't permit.thank you Allah.
as for the teachers,thanx u for being so patient to teach this sleepy khairunnisa.
freinds,u all are great too...always teach me.

this year,which will end in less than 2 weeks more,i'm in form the coming year,i'm in form you know what it mean?

big exam.very important one.i hope i can get straight As.i got so many things to do.hope that next year is going to be a smooth one.

form 3,,,gud luck...n for form 5 this year,spend your time wisely okay....hope u all will also get great result.amin...

a memory that we created together last year
u all are great
5th bath of i-gop

p/s:i get another intersting pic 4 u guys.

unique rite?


nub said... [Reply]

selamat succes utk pmr!!

nanti da besaq2 lagi macam2 xam yg kna hadapi..=)

♥khairunnisa ar alhan♥ said... [Reply]

sy dah lps dah...