Monday, December 6, 2010

~commercial pilot/pharmacist/chemical engineer/AME~

i'm in a big dilema now.seriously don't know how to biggest passion is on commercial pilot.but there are few circumstances that i have to consider.
1)my height still didn't reach the required height
2)the study cost is extremely big
3)my parents didn't like it
4)i do think i will be short-sighted soon because of the computer and i study in unsuitable condition.

*know more about pilot job by clicking the links below
>information about CPL
>more information about pilot
>M'sia Flying Academy
>phoenix east aviation inc.
>kl international flying academy
>asia pasific flight traning

pharmacist...i don't know how on earth is this career come to my mind.actually it started when i start to love chemistry.well,here i would like to thank mr mior,who only taught me one chapter of the syllabus but he able to attract my interest to chemistry.thanx to you mr mior.i would remember you forever.well,however this is my second choice of career.

chemical engineer...started to think of this career since the Engagement Session with minor scholar organised   petronas at universiti teknologi petronas.this is one of the critical course right now.

AME or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
i start to now this career when reading coursesNow.and it attract me because it kinda have connection with the first choice of mine,pilot.


melmonica said... [Reply]

Career wise, chemical engineering is a good choice considering the wide demand for graduates. said... [Reply]

thanx 4 the advice melmonica...really appreciate it...:)