Sunday, December 12, 2010

♪♫sweet,sour,blood and tears♪♫

hostel life-hilarious-
who did not live at hostel doesn't know how it feel.staying with family by your side.only the stict warden.haha.but living at hostel is fun.seriously fun.eventhough u'll feel quite homesick sometimes,believe me,,,other time is great time.those who stay at hostel like me spend time most with it create strong bonding among friends.we share lots thing together.sweet,sour,blood and tears.eventhough without parents and siblings beside us.we create great time,i would like to thanx members of nilam 5,my dorm for giving me great time and the memory the we have together.and also the member of 4kindigaden.crew,u're great u guys.never ever,those who stay at hostel can easily do stud group,eventhough sometimes it become gossiping group but that what make it fun...:)

i ♥ u all!!!

nilam 5 members
i ♥ u all so much
yummy....thnx 4 sponsoring pu3...:)
visit to ustazah nafishah,our mentor house
busy watching the tv

moments that we had together will always be in my heart

maarian next yr
kindian next yr

razian next yr

the boys!!!u all are to sweet to be refused...

the girls!!!u all are my bff...


look at sofia face...haha...
hot girls!!!
from left:qiqi,kinah,chenab,ajlaa

from left:tj,nomad,nabil
nomad is the class monitor

with my bestie,mbok titi
luv u mbok

with others...not just kindigaden.crew
eventhough not in the same class
we're still close
i luv my batch

never ever forget u all!!!
sofia crying???haha
juz a snap...:)



RS said... [Reply]

i love the last picture! it's cool. =) and I studied at a boarding school for 2 years.

memang best. =]

♥khairunnisa ar alhan♥ said... [Reply]

thnx rs...last pic tu snap j...haha^^
boarding school mmg best!!!