Wednesday, December 1, 2010


actually i don't know what to write.but bcoz i feel so damn boring so just write what ever come out from my wake up very late till my mum give long lecture to me....don't care...didn't mean to be rude okay.i'm just got nothing special to usual,watching the TV.will not miss the CSI of coz....i really like that show...seriously it is damn good one.fell in love with it homework still haven't can i finish it if i haven't even start doing it yet.feel extremely lazy to finish it...:P

actually now i'm busy preparing the paperwork for class trip for next year(actually not really busy,just finding excuses from doing homework...haha).we aldy decided to go to terengganu n kelantan for the trip.reasons???got to many...i feel excited to go there along with the other  4KINDIGADEN'10.crew.i do feel that we will enjoy this trip so much....

terengganu...kelantan...wait for us...the 4KINDIGADEN'10.crew....

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