Saturday, December 11, 2010

quote of the day

on the open hostel day,the mutiara crew of i-gop give bookmark for the visitors.on the bookmark is this quote

teruslah bergerak hingga kelelahan itu lelah mengikutimu
teruslah berlari hingga kebosanan itu bosan mengajarmu
teruslah berjalan hingga keletihan itu letih bersamamu
teruslah bertahan hingga kefuturan itu futur menyertaimu
tetaplah berjaga hingga kelesuan itu lesu menemanimu

this quote is really 'something'.meaningful.

i'm a survivor,
im gonna make it no matter what' coming into my way
only Allah can stop me from achieving what i want if ever that's not the best thing for me because i know...Allah know everything...history...this instant...n also the future...

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