Monday, December 13, 2010

hkbc '10 at kubang pasu integrated boarding school

juz some pic to share with u guys
have fun viewing ya...
these picture is taken during hari kebudayaan bahasa cina(HKBC)
sbp integrasi kubang pasu

start viewing with laugh...
this is my friend,rahman

sorry boy...
snap ur pic
this is at mckk

group 2
sofia's group

my group
group 1

this is deligation from our school
gopeng integrated boarding school
sitting from left:aiman,rahman,sensei nafisah,sofia,me
standing:hakeem the lone rangers

welcoming word from the student of i-kupa
thanx u guys
ur dorm is beautiful

my group
the chair not included
hate the chair!!!

hot guys not gays oke

dataran ilmu of i-kupa
very big!!!
amazed by it!!!
artwork from our group
beautiful or not?
say beautiful
if not....
tak nak kawan...haha^^

my group
boys only
amin!!!this is candid ok
y u look at the camera???

chinese caligraphy

using chopstick...
hard u know???

sofia,aiman n me
look at aiman face
so childish...

no camera pliz!!!
stop acting like a diva la rahman

my group at muzium padi

we're gonna learn
chinese caligraphy
be ready student

it's me again

tea ceremony demo

juz a snap

bapaku pulang dari kota
bapaku belikan kereta
kereta kecil warna biru
namanya kerta sorong

welcome to sbp integrasi kubang pasu

no smoking please
i hate those who smoke
bad for health oke!!!

pose 1

pose 2

u all are so 'poyo'!!!

snap again

sofia with her sis from intergom,basyirah
both beautiful
both smart

malam kebudayaan

strictly government properties

performance from smap labu students
singing xiang fei or 'ingin terbang' or want to fly

sofia legs left
mine right

performing with the guitar
but seriously
i didn't enjoy this performance


sofia n me

chinese caligraphy competition
all the boys from our school participate
us,the girls,go posing n oso the PHOTOGRAPHER

sensei nafisah
our lao shi cannot come with us


they're so diligent

a 'lao shi'
'leng' one
not me say it
it was the boys k...

prisoner of i-kupa
crime:writing chinese caligraphy badly

aiman with his work
quite ok la...

i really enjoy this hkbc
hope can go again
but surely can't



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